Monday, August 9, 2010

Selling Scrubs in Ohio

In case you stumbled upon my site looking for excitement in Ohio or you were just plain bored, I wanted to let you know where I'm hanging out.

We have a medical uniform business...two stores and a website.  I decided that blogging about scrubs would potentially put more money in my pocket. 

Oops.  Did that sound crass?  Well, I don't know about you, but I need money more than I need followers on a personal blog.  I loved my followers and I still follow some blogs, but this is business.  I need to put on my serious face and get down to flooding the market with blogs about scrubs.

Oh yes, this is Elvis.  He was at Caesar Creek Markets in Wilmington, Ohio, this weekend.  We sell scrubs there.  My life is full of amazing things.

So...if you are interested in the wild and wacky world of flea markets, there will be a little of that at my new blog  And, everyone knows someone who wears scrubs, so send them my way.

I'm also available to blog about your business....for a fee, of course.  Call, write, send a carrier pigeon.  We'll talk. 

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