Saturday, July 24, 2010

200 Years in Clinton County Ohio

I was going to entertain you with "Tales From the Flea." my place of business on the weekends, but something more important came up.

The Sabina Historical Society, in lovely Sabina, Ohio, is only open one day a month, from 1-3 p.m. and today was the day.  How could I resist?

As I've mentioned before, history is at the bottom of my list of interests.  It actually makes my eyes cross, and I develop narcolepsy.  I've fallen asleep twice just writing this sentence.

But, I have driven past this building for years on my way to visit my mother who is a resident of Autumn Years Nursing Home which is right down the street.  And, my goal is to visit places that it seems no one else visits, so here goes. 

O.K., class, what was this building originally?  Who said a gas station?  That's right little Billy, this was once a Sinclair Gas station with a dinosaur and everything.  Then it became a bank and ten years ago, the historical society moved in.

No, you can't do a drive through.  You have to get out of the car. 

While you're gazing down the main street of Sabina, let me give you the basics.  Sabina, Ohio, is in Clinton County.  The 2000 census counted 2,780 hearty souls here.  Rumor has it that this number will go down after the 2010 census.

The median family income was $35,795 at that time and 12.9% of the residents lived below poverty level. I'm not thinking these figures have improved any.

That's enough.  The town is small and most people are poor.  Let's go inside.

Sabina has an elementary school, but like most small towns in Ohio, it consolidated years back.  The local students have to leave town to attend middle school and high school.  When that happened, all of the high school trophies were left without a home.

The historical society took the trophies and the display case.

 People have donated cheer leading outfits and letter jackets. 

Somebody was cleaning out the attic I'm thinking.

A local resident made this doll house and donated it.

Look at the detail...a little quilt, a tiny dressing mirror, itsy bitsy pictures....who am I kidding?

Why would anyone take several years of their life to do this?  I do believe you can visit historical homes where the real items are in adult size.  You don't need a magnifying glass to look at them.

Ahhhh, the mystery of the human psyche.

This toilet plunger looking thing was used for washing clothes.

Thank God for washing machines.

And yikes, this was used  to curl hair.

Dr. Frankenstein must have had something to do with this.

Then I found out that this is Clinton County Ohio's bicentennial year.  I need to get out more.

I have been seeing these quilt designs on local barns.  My little brain hadn't made the connection that something was up.

There are 54 of these in the county. 

I found a few on the way home.

Why didn't I get out of the car to take a better picture?

It's 94 degrees and if I get out of the car and walk onto someone's property, I'll either get shot or I'll have to talk to the local farmer while I melt into a little puddle.

I've sweat enough for this blog.

There was one thing I had to clear up with Sharon Roberts, the President of the Sabina Historical Society, who was gracious enough to spend time with me.  (I was the only person there.)

Why, oh why is Sabina the Eden of Ohio?

I liked her answer.  She said that at one time, around 1810, the area was a swamp.  When the swamp was drained, or whatever you do to get rid of one, crops grew like crazy.  The ground was mega fertile.

And then, I just had to ask her about Eugene,  a local legend.  I do have the brain of a 12 year old boy.  She gave me reams of articles but I actually found a YouTube video that you have to watch.  It has to do with an embalmed body that was on display in town for many years.  Fast forward 5 minutes into the newscast.  You'll love it and I know you don't have anything better to do.

If you want any brochures about the Bicentennial or the barn quilts, let me know.  Sharon dumped a pile of them on me. 

Tomorrow...I promise..."Tales From the Flea."  And, there will be no more sweating for this blog


  1. You are such a hoot. I loved the Eugene video. OBTW, several people who commented on my "Monochrome Lake" post for Phun Phriday! wondered how it was done, so I posted a tutorial on it today. If you're interested just click here. Thanks for dropping by and your comment.

  2. Judy, what a great story and video! I've driven through Sabina a hundred times and never heard about Eugene. Guess I should have gotten out of the car and talked to the locals. Can you find out the story behind the new sidewalks in Wilmington and who is footing the bill?

  3. This is VERY funny. I like the way you write. I accept your facebook friendship and look forward to reading more. I'm originally from Detroit area--Ohio, just a jump-skip away (but all we really ever did in Ohio is go to Cedar Point. ;-))

  4. wow - haven't seen George Ciccarone in years! Love that 70's haircut.

  5. Thanks Scott, but when you talk photo, I have no idea what is going on.
    Mike...think it's stimulus money. When I lived there, I had to pay for my own sidewalk.
    Heidi...I'll be a good friend, I promise.
    Sheilah...Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the 70's flash back was a hoot.


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