Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why I Live in Ohio

I've been trying to run away from Ohio ever since I figured out that children don't have to move in next door to their parents when they graduate from high school.  And marry their high school sweetheart and have two children, Brandon and Deborah, and have Sunday dinners with the folks.  There were a lot of expectations back then.

I didn't move in next door to the folks, but I never permanently left Ohio.  It's been pulling me back like some giant rubber band attached to my ass.

Now I live here, on five acres of woods.

I have totally lost the will to move.  I am actually content with where I live.

Why do I love it here?

Could it be the 90 degree weather with 90% humidity?

Could it be the mosquitoes and stealth bomber flies?

Could it be the right wing Rush Limbaugh thing going on here?

No to all of the above.

But I do love a misty morning and a soybean field.

Berries growing wild in the woods.

Thistles and

daisies and

spider webs and

my woods.

Let me warn you.  This isn't going to be all bunnies,  butterflies and fluffy clouds.

I'm looking for the space ship in the back yard.  The enormous metal crab.  The giant ball of string.

The first two things are actually nearby. 

I want to find every head scratching person, place or thing I can find in my corner of Ohio.

You'll be the first to know what I find.


  1. Perfect...I think I'm gonna like it here!

    I need to catch up on the Yellowstone gig...that was fun to read but I fell waaaaay behind on EVERYTHING as soon as summer hit. "Summertime and the livin' is easy" is true only if you don't own a lake home - ha!

  2. Congratulations on your new blog. I look forward to reading. I have been to Ohio once when we lived in New York. We went to a girlfriends wedding in Poland, Ohio and I loved it. Are you anywhere near Poland?

  3. Thanks for letting me know where to find you. :) I will miss Yellowstone, but have enjoyed your voice - you are a writer extraordinaire. Have a great week.

  4. You know, Ohio is a state I've never been to. In fact, most of the states I have been to or lived in have been on either coast or right in the middle. But I never made it to Ohio. I'm sure one day I will. When I'm in my Airstream going wherever I damn well please I will be showing up on your lovely property with my megaphone and yelling, "JUDY!!! LET ME IN, I HAVE COME BEARING ORNAMENTS OF MANY DIFFERENT VARIETIES OF POO!" and you'll be sorry. Oh yes. You will. :)

  5. Thank you lovely people for reading, following, commenting...except for you still scare me. I'll be awake at night wondering if this is the night you finally show up with the poo. Xenia, the town that no one can pronounce, is in southwestern Ohio, near Dayton.

  6. Hey, Veggie. They actually manufacture Airstream trailers here in a town named Jackson Center just north of Sidney!

  7. Xenia - Zeenya, Look forward to this blog as well, Judy. See you soon.

  8. Thanks for coming back to Ohio. I'm not too fond of thistles but my thistles don't look like your thistles.

  9. POD...I think they're thistles. We always called them that, but then there are also the little nasty thistles that are low to the ground that you step on when you run around barefoot.

  10. I wondered what had happened to you. It's good to see you're still alive and well and none the worse for wear. Good luck with the new blog. ;-)

    And thanks for the mention on your Yellowstone blog as well, btw.

  11. Awesome new blog Judy! I love your shots and your sharing.


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